Friday, May 18, 2012

This Crazy Week

So this has been a very very busy week for me!

On Monday I went to Macado's with my mom for dinner. It was so hard to resist that Madison Mud Pie. I'm really dying to have a good dessert lately, but ya know, the pool opens next weekend so none of that for me :) After that we just ran a few errands and then came home and pretty much went right to sleep.

Tuesday was the first day of my SOL's. It was for Biology and pretty easy I thought. I still don't know what I got on it though. After school I went to the gym and worked out for about 45 minutes, got dinner at Taco Bell (kinda contradicts the gym I guess), and then got my eyebrows done. When I got home I showered and then watched the 2 hour Glee episode. It was sooooo good and I'm really sad the season finale is next week. I'll also be interested to see how next season works out with the majority of everyone in college.

Wednesday I had my History SOL. I'm about 70% sure I didn't pass and 100% sure I didn't pass advanced. Most of all the material was from the first semester when we didn't really do anything in class, so it was pretty hard. After school Tayllar, Kayla, and I went to play racquetball at the gym and then Kayla and I went to Froth and did a bunch of gossiping until her mom came and picked her up :) I got home pretty early Wednesday and just watched a bunch of Toddlers and Tiaras and caught up on other tv.

Thursday I got to go into school late because I didn't have an SOL. Tayllar, Kelsey, Trey, Kayla, and I all went to Famous A's for breakfast. We were supposed to be at school at 11:30, I think I got there at about 11:45, and then still had to wait until 12:30 for testing to be over. It was such a waste of a day. After 3 hours of school I went to the gym again and then went tanning at the pool for a little bit with Kendall :) When I got home I didn't do too much besides watch tv and then American Idol. Yay Phillip! :)

And today, I also don't have to be at school until 11:30  but I'm definitely not going in that early based on yesterday. After school is over I'm planning on going to the gym and then I think to dinner. I also have a bunch of stuff to do when I get home to get ready for this weekend. It's honestly going to take me the rest of the afternoon. But I'm so excited for the concert Sunday. Yaaaaay :)

Okay, well I know this has been a super long post but I just get so excited when I have a good week to write about! Have a good weekend :)

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