Tuesday, July 12, 2011

50 Random Things About Me

1) I love the beach.

2) I don't know what I would do without some of the people in my life.

3) I really know how to hold a grudge.

4) I can't stand it when people piss me off... especially when it is intentionally.

5) I will talk to just about anyone.

6) My greatest fear in life is being kidnapped. Seriously awful.

7) Even though I am a teenager, I frequently worry that I won't get married and/ or won't be able to have kids.

8) I am a HUGE facebook stalker.

9) I am waaaaaaaaaay more self-consious than anyone would understand.

10) Starbucks always makes everything better; white chocolate peppermint frappucino thank you :)

11) I could live off of McDonald's Oreo McFlurries

12) I seriously worry about every. little. thing.

13) I am big on planning.

14) I get weirdly attatched to certain tv shows; to the point where i really really wish I could be a part of it or  have a life like their's , and I want to cry about it.

15) I believe that there is nothing greater than footballll <3

16) I really wish I knew what I want to do when I grow up.

17) Outside of school, I think I have the greatest memory in the whole wide world.

18) There's a lot that I don't tell people, but I would if they asked.

19) I don't want it to be August.

20) County music is the best that it gets.

21) I really don't like it when people accuse me of stuff I didn't do, but more importantly when they accuse me of not doing something that I really did.

22) Clearly ^ , I have a terrible temper :)

23) I truly believe that I am a very nice person until people give me a reason not to be.

24) My brothers annoy me (almost) more than anyone, but it makes me so sad to think that I only have 3 years left with them, and will more than likely never ever live with them again :(

25) I still can never see myself being able to leave home and go to college.. that scares me.

26) The thought of death terrifies me.

27) The smallest compliment will make my day, and I honestly mean that.

28) I would give absolutely anythingggg to go back and be three years old..

29) Purple is my favorite color.. I think I am obsessed.

30) To this day, Britney Spears is one of my favorite artists. I've wanted to go to a concert of hers since I was five years old, and have never been.

31) I will ride anyyy amusement park ride/ roller coaster, but 95% I will be scared out of my mind doing it.

32) I suffer from very bad claustrophobia. ( I didn't even have this probably until a couple months ago, but it's bad)

33) One of (if not, my favorite) bands is Matchbox Twenty.. weird I know.

34) I seriously consider moving schools a lot, but I know I never will, solely for the purpose of a few people, and because I have been with the same people since kindergarten.

35) Sweet tea and Mountain Dew make me happy.

36) 99% of the time, I don't care what people think about me; One of the things I actually like about myself is that I don't change who I am around different people.

37) I hate hospitals/ blood/ broken bones/ anything at all medical related more than anyone. It makes me sooo sick, I think because I don't like seeing people hurt.

38) I am very sensitive about animal abuse.

39) I really love kids (not in a weird way ;) ) I think that my career will have something to do with young people.

40) I could spend hours watching home videos.

41) I have bad jealousy issues.

42) I still watch disney channel... a lot.

43) I am truly in love with Justin Bieber, even though I used to not like him. ( I think I would die if I got to go on stage with him.)

44) I can't stand being bored.

45) Even though I am still 15 and young, it scares me that I am growing up.

46) I want to wear tshirts or sweatshirts with jeans/sweatpants and uggs every day to school.

47) I usually won't leave the house without just a littttle bit of eyeliner on , because i'm certain that I would scare others.

48) I hate being in a bathing suit.

49) I know being in Europe would be amazing ( I would love to go actually), but I am a really scared of it. Being somewhere in a different surrounding, different time zones, and different everything worries me. I know, it's weird.

50) I get verrry verry agitated when people don't text back.. like it's not that hard.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well, i decided to give up on this blogging thing a long time ago. Basically because no one read it. And i'm way too not brave enough to post on facebook :) Anyways, the reason i just decided to come back after 5+ months, was because of something i saw on facebook. And i sorta just realized it may be fun for me to go back and read my posts, even if no one else does.

I haven't been up to too much lately. And i really have nothing too special that i am looking forward to, besides american idol on the 28th. But everytime i think of that, i am reminded that i start cheerleading 2 days later and will no longer have a life :/  Also, i have had my learners for two weeks, and have yet to drive at all... maybe i will change that tomorrow. And lastly, as i am typing this i can't help but wish i was some cool, popular blogger; a girl can dream right? :)