Saturday, June 16, 2012


  • This has been such a crazy fast week! I swear it was just last Sunday. I'm hoping it doesn't continue this way because summer is only a short 10 weeks.
  • I've developed an extremely low tolerance of sitting at home. I usually don't mind a day or two, but it's getting pretty annoying (unless it's the days we have Emma of course). Most of the time I'm up to do just about anything at anytime, but have a very limited about of people I can do anything with.
  • Speaking of Emma, it is so extremely exhausting taking care of her, but no matter what I always end up missing her as soon as we drop her off. She's clearly my bff these days ;) And she always gets so excited to see me and it just makes me so happy.
  • I'm a little overly excited for the Salem Fair. (Weird, I know.)
  • Usually I live at the pool, but haven't been there much at all this year. This is a big issue because I need to get tan in order to be able to wear my hot pink bathing suit, haha.
  • I have more dr. appointments coming up for my stomach, which I'm not too excited about. I have a strong feeling I'll be tested for Celiac disease. Which means no good food for me.
  • I think I'm finally getting a replacement phone... fingers crossed!
  • I've been super duper jealous of everyone at the beach ... seriously though that's all people talk about on facebook/twitter lately. But I don't blame them.
  • I can't tell you how bad I want to do something crazy and fun, at least one night.
  • Ok that's about all the craziness running through my summer brain right now... I think.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My First Week of Summer

Well I can't believe it, but my first week of summer is already over! For the most part, it was very good. There was a few very boring days though. It was just so nice to be able to sleep in everyday, go to bed whenever, and do pretty much whatever I want. I haven't really been that busy, but here's what I've been up to.

Last Sunday I went to a family cookout at my Grandmother's. We were there pretty much all day. It was a good day and of course I chased Emma all over the place!
Worn out from playing!

Tuesday was the next day that I actually left the house, but it wasn't until about 7. I went to Kayla's birthday campout and it was so fun! And of course we were up most of the night. I really would like to do more stuff like that in the future.

On Thursday, the first thing I did was go to lunch with Tayllar and Clair at Brambleton Deli. That was nice because we have all been friends since elementary school and never really do stuff just the three of us. After that I went to the pool which is always a fun thing to do because there's so many people to hang out with and talk to. Finally after the pool, Kendall and I went to dinner at Rancho Viejo. I was so happy to finally have a busy day!

Friday was also a pretty busy day! Kendall, Matt, Sandy, and I went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then I came home and napped before I went to Mehgan's pool party. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with everyone at once. Kendall, Tayllar, and I also stayed up until 7:00 am (crazy, I know) and got up around 8:00 to go eat breakfast. Saturday once I got home, I slept until 3:00! I didn't even realize how tired I was until I layed down to take a nap. I felt a lot better after that :) Later in the day Kendall and I went for a Kabuki date and then I came home and finally caught up on my sleep!

Overall it was a pretty good first week, but I hope that I can get a little busier because sitting at home for the majority of a week is not a very fun time!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hellllo Summer!

You have no idea how happy I am to say that! I have been waiting for this for what literally seems like forever. But I do have to admit, as much as this year sucked, it flew by. I can't believe in two months I will be a junior. That is insane! I just can't wait to be in an overall better mood each day since I won't have the constant stress of school.

I don't really have any specific plans for this summer, but I'm sure it will be great! Countless days at the pool, (hopefully) working, sleeping in everyday, and just whatever I can find to do now that I can drive :) Woohoo Happy Summer!