Monday, July 16, 2012


Well it's been exactly one month since I have blogged, but it's summer and I've actually been pretty busy! Seriously, this past week and a half has been amazing. I now really have no patience for being at home. So here's what I've been up to lately..

  • I haven't been on any vacation believe it or not. But I will be gone this Thursday through Sunday because my parents have a concert to go to in Virginia Beach and they are taking me and my brothers with them. Not my favorite beach, but hey I'll take what I can get. And I'm just thankful to be able to do that at all.
  • I got a job! It feels like I've been worrying about this for an eternity, but I finally did. While I'm really excited, I'm also very very nervous about a lot of things. Hopefully it won't be too bad ;)
  • A couple weeks ago I was in a very tiny, minor accident and I go to court for it on Wednesday. (weeks before my actual license ceremony I remind you) I'm so nervous, mainly because I absolutely don't want a DIP class. I don't need it, I'm a good kid who just made a little mistake :) But seriously, I'll cry if they give it to me.
  • Summer is already half way over. But I won't think about that. This is also the first year I don't have to do summer reading, so that's always nice.
  • I'm not nearly as tan as I get in the summer. This makes me really sad. But I guess it's because I haven't been to the pool as much or the beach or anything.
  • Some of the fun things I've been up to: Salem Fair (I love it), helping Tayllar babysit the kiddos, going out to eat with friends more times than I even want to think about, hanging with Emma, going to the pool, late night trips to Sonic, and really just running around town. This summer has been 10x better thanks to being able to drive.
Well I think that's it. Today's Monday (which I normally hate during the school year ;) which means it's Bachelorette night! I can't wait for the finale next week, but I'm still sad over her sending Sean home. Stupid Emily. Ok, have a good week :)

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